Reflecting on BoomTown

The ‘Welcome to BoomTown’ promo video for our landing page
  1. There are great companies already here doing cool work, many of which need more tech talent to join their teams and help them grow.
  2. There are opportunities to relocate to Tulsa from elsewhere including the remote work program Tulsa Remote, and the software engineering school Holberton Tulsa.
  3. There are some great associations and tech-focused groups here in Tulsa, including the co-working space 36 Degrees North, the new startup incubator on the 5th floor of City Hall, and groups like OK Women in Tech, Techlahoma, and TYPROS.
  4. The great amenities and the low cost of housing make Tulsa an excellent choice for those leaving the coasts for a better standard of living.

The Idea

My original wireframe for the site

Our Team and Tech

Mission Focus

Holberton Tulsa’s Cohort 12 Demo Day (March 19th 2021)
Tim and one of his chihuahuas Snickers.




Software engineer exploring tech

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Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Software engineer exploring tech

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