LoFi Hip Hop Beats to Study/Relax to: A UX case study

Second favorite artist
  1. Who will be using this product and how?
  2. How will a new user find what they are looking for?
  3. Does this flow in an enjoyable way?

Seeking Study Tunes

  • A playlist that is all instrumental or lyric-free
  • Something uptempo and motivating
  • A quick and easy way to find playlists that meet his needs for ‘study music’
A user story for our end-user Alex
The user road-map of Alex’s experience with Spotify and finding good study music
A screen shot of the current Spotify UI with search for ‘Electro Focus’
A sketch of UX/UI changes to the Spotify search screen
A mock up of the Focus screen from the moods options.
A mock up of playlist search based on tag selection




Software engineer exploring tech

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Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Software engineer exploring tech

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