C Programming and Static Libraries

A vast library is a thing of beauty!

So what is a library?

The process of compiling for a C program.

Static vs. Dynamic Libraries

Making Libraries

$ gcc -c *.c
$ ar -rc libholberton.a *.o
$ ranlib libholberton.a
A peek into a C library…
nm libholberton.a

Using made libraries

  • -l<libraryname without the leading lib or the extension>
  • -L : specifies the path to the library. For the current working directory, we can use -L. If your library is not in your current directory use the path format -L/home/tmp or where ever your library is.
gcc main.c -L. -lholberton -o executable




Software engineer exploring tech

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Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Tim Mcmacken Jr.

Software engineer exploring tech

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